Clinical Training

Oral Surgery Curriculum

The oral surgery training curriculum can be found on the GDC website.

The Specialist Advisory Committee

Specialist Advisory Committees (SACs) are intercollegiate bodies which advise on higher specialist training in the dental specialties.The Oral Surgery SAC is chaired by Colette Balmer and meets biannually. ABAOMS has representation at the SAC. The SAC is currently reviewing curriculum for extended competencies, which describes opportunities to develop further in preparation for the Intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination (ISFE) and eligibility for consultant appointment.

The membership in oral surgery examination (MOS)

The Diploma of Membership in Oral Surgery (MOral Surg) is a tri-collegiate specialist dental surgery exam (England/Edinburgh/Glasgow). The MOral Surg qualification demonstrates that you have attained the knowledge and understanding relevant to the practice of a specialist in oral surgery. Details can be found at the Royal College of Surgeons website.

The intercollegiate Specialty Fellowship Examination (ISFE)

Award of the Diploma of Fellowship in a specific specialty indicates that a candidate has attained the knowledge and experience, as well as satisfied the necessary training programme requirements, to proceed to independent practice as a consultant within their specialty. Details can be found on the Royal College of Surgeons website

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